Asbestos Disposal

Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you need asbestos disposal service. We accept all jobs no matter how big or small it may be. Our processes adhere to the standards so you can be sure that the toxic substance will be removed in a safe matter. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you fulfilled all of your contractual obligations.

Asbestos is a hazardous substance that is detrimental to health. Unfortunately, this was not known in the early years when construction materials incorporated it for its insulating properties. Old buildings that need to be renovated or demolished have to comply with pertinent regulations that include the proper disposal of asbestos. Our experience in this type of job allows us to complete projects at the soonest possible time with excellent results. We have several experts who can visit the property for assessment and removal using the most advanced techniques in the industry.

Disposing Hazardous Waste with Asbestos

This can be tricky as only a few landfills will accept asbestos-laden waste. The rest are wary of the substance and have inadequate facilities to guard against its ill effects. We will look for a site that is licensed by all regulatory bodies to accept this type of waste.

Notification is Paramount

When you bring this kind of waste to a disposal facility, you are legally bound to notify the personnel of the contents of your bin. They have to know that it has asbestos in it so that they can take proper precautions. Those who need alternatives for this material in industrial settings can try fiberglass insulation, fabric, rope and tape.

Disposal for Building Demolitions

Old buildings are sometimes demolished to make way for new developments. These often contain asbestos which will be problematic for the health of the workers on the site, as well as the people all around the area. The developers must ensure that the threat is contained by following the protocols for such a case. Explosive cannot get in the picture until all of the asbestos is removed carefully through painstaking processes. The materials collected then have to be sent to a licensed landfill during non-peak hours using special vehicles and taking approved routes.

Recycling Waste with Asbestos

It is possible to avoid the landfills altogether but it will take high-level processing. The asbestos must be heated in excess of 1000 °C for thermal decomposition to take place. This will turn it into silicate glass which is harmless as there is no longer any danger of inhalation. Facilities that are capable of microwave thermal treat can turn the fibers into porcelain stoneware tiles and similar products for construction.

Licensed Disposal Contractor

Our company is fully licensed to handle asbestos disposal. Talk to us so that we can start planning for your upcoming project.