Asbestos Survey

Our expert technicians will offer you a solution based on a comprehensive survey of your property, as well as inform you how your building and its occupants are being affected by the presence of asbestos. In some cases, it isn’t necessary to remove the asbestos and if this is the case, we can encapsulate it, which involves using an adhesive to safely seal the dangerous fibres. However, if the results of our preliminary survey indicate that the safest course of action is to remove the asbestos, our team will carry out the work for you. Regardless of the work that needs to be carried out, our expert and skilled technicians will get the job done safely and efficiently, with the minimum disruption to you.

A safe and comfortable environment in which to live or work is a must, and our dedicated team will help you to achieve that goal.

Contact us if you have asbestos present and need to talk to an experienced asbestos management service.